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Rio Lagi Bergaya

My Name is Rio Portnoy, the brother of Mike Portnoy.  Do you believe? Of course NO! Me too. Ok.. My name is Rio Lukito. I live in Dumai City in Riau. I’ve played drums for about 14 years (since I was 15 years old) But,  I didn’t get many usefull lessons. I learned drums by myself and got “trial and error. So…if you are learning for drumming now, you can be better than me. Because at this time, you can find so many recources for learning drums. And you won’t get “trial and error” like me in the past time.

So…don’t waster your time. Exercise and play as many as possible. Try a good method from professional in you area, on the internet, or videos etc. You’ll be a GOOD DRUMMER!!!

I like rock, jazz, funk etc…. that’s why I have many.. many favorit drummers. Try to learn from your favorite drummers. Everything but step by step. Find your style and Be your self. Ok…friends I think that’s enough. Enjoy My Drums Blog. Thank a lot to You All….

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